active-aerogel-panel-range-ma001-300pxAeroflex is a synthetic, porous, ultralight composite material that offers exceptional properties suitable for a variety of high performance insulation applications. These can be applied as thermal insulation on oil ducts, pipelines, buildings, atmospheric balloons, re-entry vehicles, launchers, among others.


Aeroflex nanoporous structures are based on monolithic aerogels, thus presenting intrinsic advantages over competing solutions, such as:

  • higher hydrophobicity;
  • lower density;
  • reduced particle shedding;
  • higher thermal insulation;
  • smaller bending







Aeroflex Silflex
Composition Silica  based Silica based
Density kg m-3 100 105
Thermal conductivity (SATP) mW m-1 K-1 31 24.9
Specific surface area (BET) m2 g-1 387  
Pore size Å 56  
Cp kJ kg-1 K-1 ~1.8  
Young Modulus kPa ~22  
Flexural Modulus kPa ~52  ~51
Operating Temperature ºC [-250; 350]  [-250; 350]
Contact angle º 143
Permittivity 1.2 1.18
loss tangent 0.003
Outgassing TML-0.36%, WVR – 0.016%, RML – 0.34%, CVCM – 0%  
Radiation 60Co 5 kGy, dose rate 17 Gy/h Pass  
Adsorption capacity – Liquid phase
   Crude oil adsorption g oil/g aerogel 10
Adsorption capacity – Vapour phase
   Toluene (24h contact) mg/g 208
   Toluene – after regeneration 100 °C              (24h contact) mg/g 174


Aerogel Thermal Conductivity


Download the product data sheet:
Aeroflex Leaflet – EN
Silflex Leaflet – EN

Download the safety data sheet:
Aerogel Aeroflex Safety data sheet
Aerogel Aeroflex Fiche de donnees de securite
Aerogel Aeroflex Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Aerogel Aeroflex Ficha de dados de segurança
Aerogel Silflex Safety data sheet
Aerogel Silflex Fiche de donnees de securite
Aerogel Silflex Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Aerogel Silflex Ficha de dados de segurança