active-aerogel-panel-range-ma001-300pxAeroflex is a synthetic, porous, ultralight composite material that offers exceptional properties suitable for a variety of high performance insulation applications. These can be applied as thermal insulation on oil ducts, pipelines, buildings, atmospheric balloons, re-entry vehicles, launchers, among others.


Aeroflex nanoporous structures are based on monolithic aerogels, thus presenting intrinsic advantages over competing solutions, such as:

  • higher hydrophobicity;
  • lower density;
  • reduced particle shedding;
  • higher thermal insulation;
  • smaller bending







Aeroflex Silflex
Composition Silica  based Silica based
Density kg m-3 100 105
Thermal conductivity (SATP) mW m-1 K-1 31 24.9
Specific surface area (BET) m2 g-1 387  
Pore size Å 56  
Cp kJ kg-1 K-1 ~1.8  
Young Modulus kPa ~22  
Flexural Modulus kPa ~52  ~51
Operating Temperature ºC [-250; 350]  [-250; 350]
Contact angle º 143
Permittivity 1.2 1.18
loss tangent 0.003
Outgassing TML-0.36%, WVR – 0.016%, RML – 0.34%, CVCM – 0%  
Radiation 60Co 5 kGy, dose rate 17 Gy/h Pass  
Adsorption capacity – Liquid phase
   Crude oil adsorption g oil/g aerogel 10
Adsorption capacity – Vapour phase
   Toluene (24h contact) mg/g 208
   Toluene – after regeneration 100 °C              (24h contact) mg/g 174


Aerogel Thermal Conductivity


Download a leaflet: Aeroflex I Silflex