Silfoam can be used in very complex geometries. These aerogels have no particle shedding, and retain the hydrophobicity, low density, and low thermal conductivity.







Composition Silica based
Density kg m-3 ~120
Thermal conductivity (SATP) mW m-1 K-1 ~27
CTE K-1 11×10-6 (at 150 °C)
Cp kJ kg-1 K-1 ~1.5
Operating Temperature ºC [-196; 250]
Contact angle º > 120
Compressive strenght kPa 41
Compressive modulus kPa 947
Vacuum (20 cycles) Low particle shed and no structural changes
Basic Thermal Cycling (LN2 & 150°C) – 20 cycles No breaking, cracking or crumbling. Material retains its properties, such as thermal conductivity. Adhesion to the substrate not affected.


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Silfoam Leaflet – EN

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Aerogel Silfoam Safety data sheet
Aerogel Silfoam Fiche de donnees de securite
Aerogel Silfoam Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Aerogel Silfoam Ficha de dados de segurança