Particle and beads aerogels offer a range of potential applications, namely:

  • multipactor suppression using dielectric filling techniques;
  • hydrocarbons absorption.


These aerogels are nanoporous structures with properties such as such as:

  • high hydrophobicity;
  • high surface area;
  • high electrical insulation.









Silfiller – Powder & Beads
Composition Silica based Silica based
Density kg m-3 85 ~150
Thermal conductivity (SATP) mW m-1 K-1 25
Specific surface area (BET) m2 g-1   569
Pore size Å   16
Operating Temperature ºC [-250; 350]
Contact angle º  
Permitivity 1.13
loss tangent 0.00048
Adsorption capacity – Liquid phase
   Phenol (500 ppm initial concent.) mg/g   26.9
   p-Cresol (500 ppm initial concent.) mg/g   42.8
   Crude oil adsorption g oil/g aerogel 10


Application Examples

These images depict the capability for hydrocarbonets absorption of Sil.


Download the product data sheet:
Silfiller Powder Leaflet – EN
Silfiller Beads Leaflet – EN

Download the safety data sheet:
Aerogel Silfiller Safety data sheet
Aerogel Silfiller Fiche de donnees de securite
Aerogel Silfiller Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Aerogel Silfiller Ficha de dados de segurança