Some of our extensive research is reflected on the following papers:


Thermal Insulation | Aerospace                                      Wastewater Treatment



Flexible silica based xerogels and aerogels for spatial applications. – .pdf

Effect of the drying conditions on the microstructure of silica based xerogels and aerogels. – .pdf

Study of the suitability of silica based xerogels synthesized using ethyltrimethoxysilane and/or methyltrimethoxysilane precursors for aerospace applications. – .pdf

Silica based aerogel-like materials obtained by quick microwave drying. – .pdf

An overview on silica aerogels synthesis and different mechanical reinforcing strategies. – .pdf

Synthesis of lightweight polymer-reinforced silica aerogels with improved mechanical and thermal insulation properties for space applications. – .pdf

The 3 Omega transient line method for thermal characterization of superinsulator materials developed for spacecraft thermal control. – .pdf

Effect of additives on the properties of silica based aerogels synthesized from methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS). – .pdf

Development of mechanically strong ambient pressure dried silica aerogels with optimized properties. – .pdf

Novel flexible, hybrid aerogels with vinyl and methyltrimethoxysilane in the underlying silica structure. – .pdf

Flexible acrylate-grafted silica aerogels for insulation purposes: comparison of reinforcement strategies. – .pdf

Application of hydrophobic silica based aerogels and xerogels for removal of toxic organic compounds from aqueous solutions. – .pdf

Adsorption of phenol on silica aerogels using a stirred tank and a fixed bed column. – .pdf

Silica-based aerogels as adsorbents for phenol-derivative compounds. – .pdf