About us


Active Aerogels is a privately owned company that develops and manufactures nano-structured materials for thermal insulation and for adsorption of pollutants, applicable to several sectors of activity, such as space, aeronautics, oil & gas, housing, and wastewater treatment.

The core production of Active Aerogels is aerogels, synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel, where the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with a gas, resulting in a highly porous solid with extremely low density and thermal conductivity. Active Aerogels provides solutions for highly demanding thermal requirements and is developing innovative aerogel applications adapted to specific needs, such as flexibility, hydrophobicity, and composition.

Active Aerogels manufactures materials using different techniques, namely super-critical drying and freeze drying.



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RTD Projects

Some of the RTD projects involving Active Aerogels:

AerSUS, FP7: Aerogel European Supplying Unit for Space Applications

IceClay, Fp7: Highly efficient production of ultra-lightweight Al-Si aerogel materials and their integrated composites for building insulation

EFFESUS, FP7: Energy efficiency of European historic urban districts and developing technologies and systems for its improvement

Aerogel for Pipeline Thermal Insulation (PTTI)

Gelclad, H2020: Highly efficient cladding eco-panels with improved nano-insulation properties